Meaningful, well-organized financial records ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis and are the foundation of a successful business.

Bookkeeping, accounts payables, accounts receivables and tax processing are services which every business has to handle on a daily basis. Not only are these tasks mundane and require time, but they can also take your focus away from your core business activities.



Our Approach

Yet maintaining a clean general ledger is the core of your company’s financial records. These records constitute the central “books” of your system. Since every transaction flows through the general ledger, a problem with your general ledger throws off all your books. Errors in your general ledger, lead to lost revenue higher expenses, higher taxes and possible IRS tax audits.

We do as much or as little as the client needs, which helps you control fees. While many accountants want to pigeon hole you into regular monthly bookkeeping services, we have found that this can be excessive and unnecessary in many cases. For businesses we can help by providing full accounting services on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, or we can oversee the clients who wish to do their own entries. We teach our clients who want to, how to manage their own records, or any other area that they want to learn.

The most important aspect is for people to understand the advantages of accurate data. It gives them the best profit and lowest taxes. For an individual it gives them the best way to get a “handle” on their expenses to be able to save and plan for the future.